"Gregg's '52 Series' is both practical and helpful. It's a great resource for Christians of all spiritual levels, but perfect for groups focused on new or growing believers. Gregg's books are thoughtful, practical, and make learning fun."
Mark Batterson, author The Circle Maker

52 WAYS TO GROW YOUR FAITH will give you the jump-start, road map, or energy your faith needs. Learn to connect with God in a busy, noisy world.


  • Spiritual growth idea & explanation
  • Key verse (the Bible's connection)
  • Devotion (life's connection)
  • Try it (tip for application)
  • I tried it! (usage report)
  • Small group discussion
  • Prayer
“Finally, a spiritual growth series that not only helps me grow but is also informative and fun. I love that it’s something I look forward to reading, can use it with my small group, and feel comfortable sharing it with my friends who have little (but some) spiritual interest. Gregg’s ’52 Series’ has made spiritual growth accessible to everyone. Well done!”
–Doug Fields, Author, Purpose Driven Youth Ministry

52 REASONS TO BELIEVE lets you confront your questions, disarm your doubt, and strengthen your spiritual life. Get concise thoughts on the Christian faith.


  • Reason to believe
  • Summary
  • Key quote
  • Did you know...?
  • Link to life
  • Small group discussion
  • Prayer

What's the Cost?

You get BOTH books in PDF (works with Kindle and Apple products) and EPUB format (best for Apple products.

Typical cost for one ebook is $3-5, but I'm letting you choose what you pay!

(REALLY? Yes, really! Technically the system requires a minimum payment of $1, but you choose to pay any other amount. And if you have the financial means, feel free to pay a little extra to cover those who cannot.)

You prefer print books? Email me and get each book for only $5 plus shipping (USA only).

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