This journal and discussion guide introduces you to the life, words, and miracles of Jesus. It also invites you to wrestle with the doubts, challenges, and obstacles you may find in following him. It is not an answer book. It is a starting place to explore the life of Jesus and his invitation for you to follow him.

Each page has questions from a portion of John’s gospel. Write out a response to each question or use the pages to work out your own thoughts and ideas. God welcomes your questions so don’t be intimidated to ask them. God is walking with you on this life-changing journey.

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Research reveals that the life of someone who engages scripture four or more times a week looks radically different from the life of someone who does not. Surprisingly, the lives of Christians who have not developed this healthy habit are statistically the same as the lives of non-believers. A Life Worth Exploring changes that.

Perfect for new believers or for those who have not yet developed a regular Bible reading rhythm.

What's the Cost?

You get A Life Worth Exploring in three editions:

  1. English
  2. Mandarin
  3. Spanish

PLUS receive a 25-page leader guide (English only).

A resource like this could cost between $25-$50 as you have the freedom to make AS MANY copies as you want.

I want this resource to equip and encourage you, and I don't want anything to hinder that from happening, so you choose what you pay!

(REALLY? Yes, really! Technically the system requires a minimum payment of $1, but you choose to pay any other amount. And if you have the financial means, feel free to pay a little extra to cover those who cannot.)

A Life Worth Exploring is a great starting place to develop transformative habits, consider the preeminent role Jesus wants to play in your life, and deepen or develop friendships with others. Invite a friend or two and take a walk, sit around a table, or meet online as you consider a life worth exploring.

Contact me with any questions and Let’s Make Disciples!