Everything you need to

  • learn how to be a small group leader,
  • grow your small group leader skills, or
  • equip others to be small group leaders!

Receive TWENTY (20!) short videos (most under 5 minutes) in THREE categories

  1. First Things First—Laying a Foundation (4 videos)
  2. Details Matter—Things to Know (6 videos)
  3. You Can Do This—Skills to Learn (10 videos)

Catherine (from England) says

This course is brilliant! Grounded in the Bible, it is warm and energetic. I love the bite size approach with the three sections which scaffold each other. So, whether you work through step by step, or select the most relevant sections, there is something for new and experienced leaders. It is a great resource for churches and growing disciples.

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Watch the videos

  • all at once at an overnight retreat,
  • one a week over a 5-month training series,
  • most relevant at the moment.

PLUS get a 44-page video guide. Take notes while you grow your knowledge, heart, and skills.

Most resources like this cost between $50-$100.

I want this resource to equip and encourage you, and I don't want anything to hinder that from happening, so you choose what you pay!

(REALLY? Yes, really! Technically the system requires a minimum payment of $1, but you choose to pay any other amount. And if you have the financial means, feel free to pay a little extra to cover those who cannot.)

Life change happens best in small groups, so let's develop the best groups possible!

Contact me with any questions and Lets Make Disciples!