Don't go through the motions of your faith. Dare to be a disciple of JESUS.

Take the Jesus Challenge and develop the skills while growing your desire to live a life of adventure with Jesus — without adding more to your busy schedule.

This 7-module video course will help you

  • Invest in God’s kingdom—make disciples
  • Use your time strategically—engage with God’s word
  • See God at work—stop & remember God’s promises
  • Do life in community—unite with other believers
  • Obey God as he leads—surrender your will

Say NO to a boring life and YES to a faith that matters.

I love the simplicity and the deep meaning behind each one of these action steps I can take to truly follow Jesus! And, the fact that I can readily remember these elements makes discipling someone else a straightforward matter for me now. Thank you, Gregg!
This challenge absolutely hit home. This is what we are called for. We are sometimes so busy in our own day to day issues that we forget what our true purpose is! The habits of the Jesus Challenge are as necessary as breathing!

PLUS get access to a 36-page video guide and a 19-page leader guide (perfect for groups or classes).

Most resources like this cost between $50-$100+. Feel free to pay that (or more), but I don't want anything to hinder you from growing in your faith or helping others grow, so you choose what you pay!

(Technically the system requires a minimum payment of $1, but you choose to pay any other amount. Lots of time, effort, and money was spent to produce this so please be as generous as you can. But mostly, let's make disciples!)

Contact me with any questions and Lets Make Disciples!

It's time to Take the Jesus Challenge!